Friday, December 12, 2008

Introduction To Yahoo

Yahoo as been around since 1994 and was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo without question is the second biggest advertising sytstem that serves millions of users searching for products and services every single day.

Yahoo Is know for providing free email accounts and as a web directory, but let it be know that Yahoo is a massive Search Engine.

Whats Yahoo- Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oricle

Yahoo's Advertising system, in other words PPC is similar to Google Adwords, but it has a very important feature, which is termed the Yahoo Glitch which Dean Cassady named Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots. In that it is extremely different In a very important respect.

Yahoo's advertising system makes it far easier for product owners to sell there products, yet profitable enough for affiliates to use. This is one of the things that makes Yahoo so unique. Yahoo cuts you a lot more slack than google does, and is way more user friendly than Google will ever be.

The techiques explained by Dean cassady in Yahoo Cash For Idiots can be used both by product owners and affiliates alike.

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots explains why Yahoo Advertising is make a lot of profit and why its a win win when you use the blueprint glitch that he giives to you In Yahoo Cash For Idiots.

Cassady Leads you hand in hand and step by step and ensures that you understand how to capitalize on this glicth he discovered through years of using Yahoo Advertising solution.

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