Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots - Setting Up A Campaign

Chapter 3 of Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots, explains the basics which many of you probably already know and thats opening and setting up your PPC ad campaign. The Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots makes it very easy and simple for even newbies. Ok, Ok since I have to spoon feed you then here I go; Setting up an account Yahoo Marketing Solution Account Is Free and simple:

These are your Basic requirements:

A Valid Email Address
An Active Credit Card or Paypal Account.

With those basic requirements in place your ready to go.

Click on the Sign Up Button and fill in all the necessary information following the simple instructions.

After establishing your account Yahoo will offer two distribution channels through which you'll be able to advertise. this is explained in details in Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots. However for your first campaign, it has to be a "search campaign" according to the reglations.

Dean Cassady, takes care of every detail, and leaves no stones unturned, as He undestands that the things most overlooked can lead to failure.

From Logging In To Pernal Notes and effeciently managing your campaigns Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots covers it all.

Explained In Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots are:

Name And Geo Target
Ad Groups And Distribution

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots takes you through these steps and explains how you will profit hugely with the Secret Glitch that Dean Casssady Found.

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