Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots The Preface

The preface of Yahoo Cash For Idiots Explains How the founder of this new PPC fool proof method discovered this secret laying dormant just waiting to be revived.

The creator of Yahoo Cash For Idiots Is Dean Cassady, he was once very much involed with Google PPC and used to make a living from unit until things drastically took a turm for the worst.

Dean explains that what you'll learn from His Yahoo Cash For Idiot book is simple, extremely effective, very profitable and unlike anything you have ever read before.

He tells how he discover his newly found technique the Yahoo Glitch. Must Say its rather interesting how he used to use the same technique making the company he used to work for rich, but eventually using these techniques to make himself a wealthy individual.

He explains that simple marketers are just blinded by the BIG G and never look any further when it comes on to PPC. But He reveals that this is simple not true...

The idea of PPC is to use that method to send traffic to your website and eventually converting that traffic into sales. Cassady Explains that their are too many competitors competing for the same keywords (which is what you need to get highly targeted cash pulling traffic to your website). Google Adwords is simple too expensive and oversaturated, I can relate to that as I have lost quite a bit using google adwords.

Needless to say it was the fact that a Google adwords campaign was useless before it was even launched that propelled Dean Cassady to start searching for a solution, and through much testing and researching the Yahoo Giltch was found, thus the Yahoo Cash For Idiots system was born...

This Monster 118 page ebook is no kids play, it starts from the basic stuff so beginners can understand and impliment, and delves into the advanced so that ex-burned Google Adwords campaigners can redeem their loss.

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